Prandelli: 'Bernardesc手游纯手工赚钱项目hi a perfect player'

"His character? I do not know."

"Is he more like Omar Sivori? If you think about the left foot, the elegance, the low center of gravity, yes.

What does Prandelli think about Domenico Berardi?

"Montella? His teams are very recognizable, in their DNA they have a very specific type of play.

Ex-Fiorentina Coach Cesare Prandelli believes that Federico Bernardeschi is 'the perfect player' who 'has everything'.

"At City there is the German [Leroy] Sané. He has huge class, speed, and strength.

"Sure they can. But Barca has a central striker, [Luis] Suarez, an external, Neymar, and one like Messi who plays anywhere.

"He is a perfect player who is a prototype for the future that is already present. Players that are integrated in the team. From [Lionel] Messi are born a few.

"Technically, Lazio are one of the strongest teams in Italy,&quot皇冠外围投注; Prandelli continued in an interview with Gazzetta dello Sport. "They have great quality and huge room for improvement. Inter need to restructure.

What does Prandelli think of modern tactics in the top European Leagues?

"We are not moving towards a style of football that can be p澳门外围投注hotocopied. In Spain, Barca and Real express two nearly opposite philosophies. In England Chelsea [Antonio] Conte is offering an extraordinary interpretation of 3-4-3.

"At Milan he seems to have acquired practicality and therefore he is becoming complete."

"At Roma [Miralem] Pjanic was one of the best midfielders in Europe, with touches, goals, vision of the game. And very free. Here, perhaps, Juventus are so organised that he does not have this freedom. But the quality of the player is not up for debate."

"Technically he’s amazing, I value him highly.

"In Spain I tried this at my own expense, the situation of a club that is not run from the place it is located at.

"In Germany at Bayern [Carlo] Ancelotti proposes another. At City it’s Guardiola. He is trying to play more and more at a higher tempo and he will be blessed to have talent with physicality.

"Juve have two that are planted like [Gonzalo] Higuain and [Mario] Mandzukic, two players out of three that are similar: to open up the front of the attack makes it more complicated.

What about comparisons between Messi and Juventus forward Paulo Dybala?

The former Valencia Coach went on to discuss several teams and players in Italy's top division.

"Only Messi can afford to play his football outside of the tactics of the team. We can say that he disrupts the tactics a little."

"At Samp he did not have suitable players, but you could see it was his team.

"Dybala has enormous qualities, he creates goals, and does not give points of reference, but he is more of a second striker or rather an atypical striker.

"But from what I remember he had more running and depth, and whilst in midfield Sivori argued more. Dybala seems to me to be a player that’s more in t网上21点he offensive half of the field."

"And in Italy the name is [Federico] Bernardeschi. He has everything: quality, running, resistance.

"Kilometers of communication are sometimes are interrupted. But [Stefano] Pioli is one of the most prepared coaches.

Can Juve play with three strikers?